the southwest of france


hello my three readers one of whom is my grandma!  i know i haven’t been on the ball about this blog, but unless you want a blog about an inept 30 year old trying to figure out how to use a french washing machine, you have to wait until i do something cool to get a post.  gui had another of his many holidays the last two weeks.  we drove my american friend to the airport so that she could go home and start her supercool new job at, and leave me without an english speaking friend in berck.  then we went to paris where we went to the modern art museum to see an exhibit on Robert Crumb.  that was awesome, but the rest of the museum was pretty dull except for a couple of Matisses.  the next day we went to musee d’orsay which houses all of the impressionist and post-impressionist art that france is famous for. it is the converted paris-orleans train station. i got to see all of the waterlilies and japanese bridges.  i saw the Caillebotte of men scraping floors that has hung in my grandmother’s living room for as long as i can remember.  then i turned a corner and saw hanging side by side starry night and bedroom at arles by van Gogh.  guigui had to restrain me from dropping on my knees and worshipping them.  i never thought i’d get to see those two favorite pieces of mine, especially on one wall.  we visited with all of our parisian friends for the next few days, then were treated to a surprise holiday to bordeaux with the parents.  the southwest is beautiful and warm.  we were next to the atlantic in a quaint inn that served a cute breakfast.  i stared across the wide expanse of the atlantic ocean and tried to imagine new york on the other side.  we took a ferry to acachon which sherlock loved.  we ate a lot.  i discovered cafe gourmand which is a dessert that consists of an espresso and 4 little desserts.  one day we went into the city of bordeaux, and walked around a flea market in a dusty square near a beautiful fountain.  i bought some books in english for very cheap.  i was not happy when it was time to come back north.  it was 25°c there and here it is 8°c.  it is election day here.  we are rooting for francoise hollande because sarkozy is an idiot.  wish us luck that we get a socialist president in power, and get this country away from the nationalist rhetoric it’s been leaning toward.  au revoir!


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