girl, abroad


well, it’s spring! almost.  a couple of days, i guess.  so fall turned to winter, now winter to spring.  i should change the name of the blog.  we got a puppy.  he’s a parson terrier which is a cousin of the jack russell.  he and i go on long walks on the beach, and generally just explore.  we named him sherlock, and he is quite the curious one.  we got a package from mom, and now i have a new spring wardrobe and an old school pentax with which i am going to start taking pretentious arty photographs in black and white.  i figure it fits in with the american bohemian abroad theme i have going on.  guillaume’s birthday is in about a week, and we are having his family in from paris.  i bought some tulips the other day.  i have also been decorating the bedroom with a cities theme, which is a la mode right now.  we have a tableau of paris, philly, and a postcard of london.  guigui also has pinned up all the love letters i wrote him while i was still in the states.  it’s true they are a romantic people.  i spend a lot of time playing my guitar.  maybe i’ll go play in the metro stations in paris because that also sounds like something an american girl with a nose ring and tattoos should be doing in france.  the kite festival is here next month, and i hear it is quite the spectacle.  maybe i’ll take doisneauesque pictures of it.


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