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well, it’s spring! almost.  a couple of days, i guess.  so fall turned to winter, now winter to spring.  i should change the name of the blog.  we got a puppy.  he’s a parson terrier which is a cousin of the jack russell.  he and i go on long walks on the beach, and generally just explore.  we named him sherlock, and he is quite the curious one.  we got a package from mom, and now i have a new spring wardrobe and an old school pentax with which i am going to start taking pretentious arty photographs in black and white.  i figure it fits in with the american bohemian abroad theme i have going on.  guillaume’s birthday is in about a week, and we are having his family in from paris.  i bought some tulips the other day.  i have also been decorating the bedroom with a cities theme, which is a la mode right now.  we have a tableau of paris, philly, and a postcard of london.  guigui also has pinned up all the love letters i wrote him while i was still in the states.  it’s true they are a romantic people.  i spend a lot of time playing my guitar.  maybe i’ll go play in the metro stations in paris because that also sounds like something an american girl with a nose ring and tattoos should be doing in france.  the kite festival is here next month, and i hear it is quite the spectacle.  maybe i’ll take doisneauesque pictures of it.


the american and french revisit the turning point of WWII


since my boyfriend has a lot of vacation time, we took his latest one to go to normandy.  we started in caen where we saw the WWII museum.  it is very nicely done, and covers the time WWI ended through the d-day landings until the end of the war.  there is a seperate part of the museum that covers the implications focusing mostly on the cold war and the berlin wall.  that night we stayed in a creepy hotel above a cafe, and had crepes for dinner which is the traditional food of that region.  the next day we went to the american military cemetary which was covered in fog giving it a supernatural ambiance.  it overlooks omaha beach where the american deembarkment happened.  even my usually cynical facade was changed seeing that graveyard.  after that we went to see the bayeux tapestry, which my mom tells me is one of the first instances of a woman artist, though they don’t mention that at the museum.  it is the story of william the conqueror, and how he got the throne from harold.  bayeux is a very quaint town, but all around the area you can still see the scars from the shellings during the war.  that night we went to see the artist in this strange town.  it had an old school theatre with leather seats.  the movie was awesome, and it really deserved all the oscars it got.  it was also nice to see a fench movie with a happy ending because usually they are all exsistential and depressing.  when we left the theatre, a drunk old man asked us for a euro.  we said we didn’t have any, and he asked gui if he was american.  gui said no, and the old man said something like, i speak english but the french don’t speak it as well as the germans.  i think he was still living in 1941.  we went to mont saint-michel the next day, which is an abbaye sitting on top of an island.  we climbed all the way to the top, but the abbaye was closed, so we just stood and made fun of the people climbing the stairs with obvious difficulty.  we had lunch in st. malo, which is in the bretagne region, and walked along the ramparts.  eveidently, 75 million tourists visit france every year.  there are only 65 million residents, so at any given time when you see two people, one of them is a tourist.  we spent the last day in brest, which is a port town that looks kind of like philadelphia.  i do suggest that if you ever book a hotel in france you be sure to specify that you want a bathroom in your room, or you will be forced to use the community toilets and showers.  for us americans, that can be a little daunting, especially if you wake up late like me, and they have already started cleaning!  i had to drive to mcdonald’s to pee.  we are again back in lovely berck redecorating the bedroom.  it looks like a season is turning into two.  it was fall when i arrived, and it will soon be spring!  i guess that’s what happens when you’re in love!