a hike that was meant to be a walk


yesterday gui asked if i wanted to go for a walk because it was a beautiful, sunny day.  we drove about an hour to cap blanc nez, which is on the coast.  from the top of it you can see great britain, and that was pretty cool.  we decided to take the grand escalade down the side of the point to get to the beach, and then walk back up the beach.  there are huge rocks covered in algae, and i commented that my grandma would probably like it here.  there are old nazi watchtowers and the remains of where they had the huge cannons pointed at britain.  they aren’t marked though as historic sites, you just have to figure it out for yourself.  after an hour or so,we finally made it to a spot we could walk back up, and realized we were like 2 miles from the car.  we took a back trail that led us around a mountain, and eventually to the car.  i was tired and cranky because i thought we were just going to stroll on the beach.  we drove to the town of wissant to have a beer in a cafe.  it was a blanc biere with hints of lemon, and there was a sweet old golden retriever that sat in the cafe.  i slept well and i’m really sore today, but it was a beautiful view.


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