les enfants terrible


i apologize for taking so long with the new post.  i was incredibly ill with a cold.  i wanted to do a post about amsterdam, but i am still processing the information, so i will tell you about the latest trip to paris instead.  guillaume and i went back to paris (well, technically it is vaux-sur-seine in the outskirts of paris) this weekend for his father’s sixtieth birthday and his sister’s graduation from nursing school.  i was incredibly nervous, but they made me feel at ease right away.  his father speaks very good english.  we arrived very late at night due to guillaume’s work schedule that day, so we had a quick drink and went to sleep.  well, guigui went to sleep and i read an incredibly outdated french book that still has the word for waiter as garcon and the french word for carborator which i don’t think have been used in cars since like 1975.  when i woke up and looked outside, i realized the seine is right in their backyard.  we went shopping and i got two pairs of boots.  one pair are knee high black leather and the other are grey suede ankle boots that sort of look like cowboy boots.  we got back just in time for lunch.  guillaume, as is his typical way, failed to mention that grandma and aunt would also be there.  i was very polite and did the kissing thing that all french people do when they meet, when they say good morning, when they say good bye, etc.  they kiss a lot in france.  really.  like a lot.  after lunch, guigui, his father, and i went to pick up the new car.  as it turns out, it is the new citroen with all the fancy, space age gadgets.  it’s a red and black hatchback, and gui and i were like two teenagers on christmas playing with the radio and gps, linking the cellphone with the car’s system, and then playing with the locks because when you hit the button the sideview mirrors retract.  we sat down to aperitif and watched his dad open presents.  then more food.  i swear most of my days revolve around meals.  i have gained a couple kilos since my arrival.  his mom is an excellent cook, which i guess is where he gets it.  guillaume and nikolas(his sister’s boyfriend) spent the entire meal clowning around while i talked politics with dad.  i know you’re not supposed to do that, but he started it, so i was obliged to follow suit.  i played with the dog a lot.  he’s a brindle french bulldog.  at one point his dad told the kids to go to bed.  i think we were getting a little too rambunctious.  guillaume was all mad because his mom took down the anarchist posters from his bedroom.  sunday morning we went for a drive and basically just rocked out.  and…more food.  we took a bunch of books and movies.  this is all i do.  eat, read, study french, eat.  i’m sorry if this post isn’t very interesting.  i’m trying to get back in the habit of writing, but i don’t have anything interesting to say.  i’ll work on it for my next post.  it will be about that awesome city called amsterdam where we had tons of fun.  bear with me.


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