worst tourist ever


we finally made it to belgium.  bonding over the clash and nuclear energy while going 140 km through the french countryside, we drove a few hours to brugge.  i wish i could tell you i took lots of pictures, but i have this aversion to tourism.  even in that beautiful old city with japanese tourists snapping away at the sights i could not bring myself to pull out the camera.  so a description will have to suffice.  it is very clean for it’s age and the belgian people are nice and speak like 5 languages.  i had a general idea of the architecture before we went because of an irish movie i saw a while back.  it’s like a fairytale.  brick houses squished together and waterways like venice running through it.   we walked around and then had lunch at a sidewalk cafe.  guigui insisted on kwak, which is a famous “strong beer”, and is served in a beaker type thing that sits in a wooden base that is about 2 feet tall.  i had fries too so i think i have tried all belgium has to offer except for the chocolate.  yesterday, i watched a lot of tv.  i got engrossed in a french movie that takes place in greece while he was at work, and although i couldn’t understand, i’m pretty sure it was about this psychotic arab that is in love with a woman so he kidnaps her boyfriend.  then we watched indiana jones and jaws.  the french seem to love speilberg but insist on dubbing it so harrison ford has too high a voice.  the teachers go on holiday this week so i think we are going to paris.  i promise i’ll take some pictures.  oh and we are going to versailles.  i had a big mac yesterday.  maxi best of.  that’s what a super-size is called.  i know, i know.  i came all the way to france, and went to mcdonald’s?  it was on a lark i promise.  the food i eat is usually a bit more french.  i have been experiencing culture shock in a way that i didn’t expect.


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  1. haha great story. And don’t feel bad about eating McDonalds in France. When I got to Milan I was so starving and didn’t want to risk not liking the food so we went straight to McDonalds! lol. What is your favourite french dish so far?

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