well, here i am in france.  please excuse some typos as i am still trying to figure out the french keyboard.  i had an uneventful trip over the sea on the red eye out of philly, and onto an airbus in london to paris.  i have to say british airways is the greatest airline i have ever flown: a private movie screen, tons of food, and a lot of space.  i did not sleep so i was nearly delirious when i reached paris, but consented to the eiffel tower, the arc de triomphe, a walk along the champs elysees[i have a beautiful new coat from promod], and dinner at a cafe.  the very old man who waited on us laughed about the little american girl drinking a bigger beer than her french companion, but i just shrugged.  i needed a full pint!  i fell asleep in the car on the way to berck, but was pleased when we arrived.  it is beautiful here.  the air is clean, and guigui has a large apartment that is decorated impecciably.  i spent yesterday finishing tropic of cancer by henry miller, and though it made me cry, i came away from it in a fairly good mood.  guigui gave me a lesson in french cooking and then i read some french comics.  i am a little out of my element, but as i settle my writing should become more detailed.  i carry the states in my heart and wonder what i have done to come into such good fortune as this.  i will post pictures again when i figure out the computer.  bye for now!


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