a date is set


my mom got my ticket after much frustration on her part.  her paycheck didn’t come in so she had to borrow money, then put it on a card to buy my ticket online.  then she could only afford a one way ticket.  so i am at the mercy of my friends to send me back when the time comes!  but i’m sure it will all work out.  anyway, i leave tuesday october 11th at ten pm.  i have one hour to changeover at heathrow, so i am very nervous about the flight being on time.  i’ll be in paris in the early afternoon, and we are going to see the eiffel tower and some other things then drive back to berck because my friend has work at 11 the next morning.  i already packed my suitcase and backpack.  that’s how excited i am.  i mean, i have a week to go and i’m already packed.  i just want everything to go smoothly.  i have always been one of those people who are super-prepared for any thing.  i wasn’t able to sleep in high school unless my clothes were laid out over the chair where i could see them.  i finished delta of venus, and was blushing the entire time.  i’ve been around the block, but her descriptions of sex are very detailed.  now i am on to a moveable feast, and i really am enjoying it.  i think i will take it with me so we can go to some of the places he mentions in it.  i have already been asked to christmas dinner at guigui’s parents who live near paris.  he says his dad speaks english well and it will be funny watching his mom try to speak it.  i will, of course, try to speak french to her though out of politeness.  i really am out of my mind with excitement.  i packed only my very best clothes so that i feel chic, and my mom gave me her chanel number 5.  this is going to be such a new experience.  i’ve seen all but 13 of the united states, and i’ve been to niagra falls on the canadian side, but never across on ocean.  my flight is at night so hopefully i will sleep.  it’s just amazing that i have this opportunity.  life and love are waiting for me.  i leave on the hunter’s full moon.  i hope that brings good luck.  i have worries about lost baggage and not catching my connection.  but other than that, i feel really comfortable with the idea of being in a foreign country with no resources other than my friends.  what’s the worst that could happen?  i’ve seen enough tragedy that nothing will be able to spoil my good time.  i’m going to be a brave little bohemian and take each day as it comes.  no agenda, no plans.  just life.  nine days and i get a chance to be who i really want to be.  away from this dirty city and these downtrodden people.  away from the memories on every corner.  i get to make new ones in new cities, new corners.  who could ask for anything more?


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